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Continuing to build on its line of coconut ingredients, leading tropical fruit supplier iTi Tropicals now also offers Organic Virgin Coconut Oil as well as limited quantities of Organic Fairtrade Coconut Water Concentrate ex-warehouse, California. "Expect even more coconut introductions soon", says Gert van Manen, President of iTi Tropicals.

In addition, cold-pressed and un-pasteurized 100% juices are a fast-growing category among premium fruit beverages. High pressure processing (HPP) is the technology that provides food safety to a wide range of these products. All of this is ideal when fruits are pressed immediately before filling / HPP processing, but what about when they are extracted half a world away?

To comply with juice HACCP regulations, processors must demonstrate a 5-log reduction of pathogens of concern.

Addressing these concerns, iTi Tropicals is pleased to introduce frozen raw fruit ingredients from their advanced network of partner processors. iTi partner processors undergo stringent iTi and third party food safety audits for field practice, fruit reception, processing and freezing. These high standards allow us iTi to bring reliable raw tropical fruits to HPP processors. With over 26-years of experience iTi expertise now helps to bring the excitement and consumer appeal of tropical fruits to raw, HPP-processed beverages.

The first products that iTi is presenting for Research & Product Development are single-strength passionfruit juice and single strength passionfruit with seeds. With other unpasteurized items under evaluation including coconut water, please look forward to more updates soon.


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